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Extracts from the Test Report (Act) of preliminary flight tests of «GROZA» Weather Radar equipped with 813-0409.2 and 813-0409.3 Multifunctional Displays (MFD)

MFDs were tested in standard «GROZA» Weather Radar. General view of 813-0409.2 MFD is given in the Photo No.1

Photo No. 1.General view of main MFD installed into the standard slot for Gr 4V Display.

MFD displays data from Weather Radar, TCAS, TAWS () and navigation systems.

Main technical characteristics of MFD:

    - MFD screen size 111 x 83 mm.
    - Display resolution 320 x 240 pixels.
    - viewing angle: vertical 25 horizontal 50
    - brightness 250 cd/m2

«Kontur-NIIRS» Ltd. is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of MFD.

MFDs are installed into the standard slots of «GROZA» Weather Radar displays. Main Display 813-0409.2 and additional Display 813-0409.3 are connected with data cable for data transfer from main Display to the additional Display.

The tests were aimed to evaluate MDF compliance to the performance characteristics of «GROZA» Weather Radar in accordance with its operating manual; MFD allocation; controls handiness; radar image quality at MFD screen.

MFD 813-0409.2 and 813-0409.3, are installed instead of standard Gr 4V and Gr 4D displays of «GROZA» Weather Radar. Preliminary flight tests on October 29-30, 2004 onboard «NPP MIR» Ltd. IL-18 No. 75713 aircraft were successfully passed.

Using MFD with «GROZA» Weather Radar essentially improves work convenience for the aircraft crew.

Detection range in «Ground» mode at flight altitude 7500 - 8600 meters is:

  1. Terrain background 100 km.
  2. Industrial centers (with the size of Petrozavodsk, Arkhangelsk) 150 200 km.
  3. Large industrial centers (Saint Petersburg) 360 km.
  4. Coastline up to 100 km.

Detection range in «Meteo» mode at flight altitude 7500 - 8600 meters is:

  1. Large settlements (with the size of Saint Petersburg) 360 km.
  2. Coastline up to 200 km.

Photo No. 2. Onejskoe lake coastline.

Photo No. 3. Onejskoe lake coastline marking Petrozavodsk city. Flight altitude - 8000m.