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23, Shvetsova St.,
198095, Russia
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About «Kontur-NIIRS» Ltd.

For the decades being engaged in development of powerful flight-navigation complexes for heavy aircraft like An 22, IL 76, An 124, An 225 Scientific-research institute of radio-electronic systems (NIIRS) had its own position in the onboard avionics market. During structural reorganization of the industry NIIRS has begun its search for new business lines which would allow permanent sales and opportunities for further development. For this purpose in 1998 a «Kontur-NIIRS» Ltd. branch was created on the basis of designers’ staff of NIIRS institute.

At the moment «Kontur-NIIRS» Ltd. manufactures and supplies «KONTUR-10C» Weather Radars and Universal Communication Units (UBS) which were developed and now are constantly upgraded by the company.

«Kontur-NIIRS» Ltd. is the only Russian enterprise specialized in development, manufacture and repair of weather radars for civil aircraft.

«KONTUR-10C» Weather Radars are installed into Mi-8MTV, Mi-17, Mi-26 helicopters and An-28, An-38, An-72 and L-410 aircraft.

Universal Communication Units (UBS) are used in An-12, An-24, An-26, An-72, An-74, Yak-40, IL-18 aircraft.

Taking into account that the company develops and manufactures complicated radio-electronic equipment, it has very high staff requirements. Personnel quantity and structure depends on their work experience and economic parameters. Highly qualified specialists with over 15-years experience in development and mass production of complicated avionics and onboard equipment are the core of the company. The majority of the employees have over 20-years experience in the defence industry. Students and young engineers from universities of St. Petersburg get their first work experience in “Kontur-NIIRS” Ltd. The company structure provides the full life cycle of the equipment: development, manufacture and repair.

Hardware and software products are developed with the use of local network. All the products are developed with the help of the latest software packages such as P-CAD, Vision V2.10, Visual DSP, MAX+PLUS® II, Quartus® II. Now the certification of the company is in progress; the quality system is already operated. All the necessary licenses and certificates are available.

The main customers of «Kontur-NIIRS» Ltd. are:

  • «Kazan Helicopter Plant» JSC;
  • «Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant»;
  • «Rostvertol» JSC;
  • «Novosibirsk Aviation Production Association named after V.P. Chkalov»;
  • «Tashkent Aviation Production Association named after V.P. Chkalov»;
  • a number of Russian and Ukrainian airlines including «Tumenaviatrans» JSC.

During development and manufacturing processes «Kontur-NIIRS» Ltd. cooperate with the following companies: «Pluton» plant, Moscow, «Erotron» plant, Lvov, «Phazatron-NIIR» JSC, Zhukovsky, «Pirometr», St. Petersburg, LONIIR, a number of companies based on «Svetlana» PA, Main Geophysical Observatory named after A.I. Voykov, «Radar MMS».

The company participated in MAKS 1999, 2001, 2003 & 2005 Airshows and have publications in «Aviapanorama» and «Helicopter» magazines.